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What we do

In the 21st century, companies are facing a changing market in which traditional strategies are no longer working.

Paraphrasing Darwin, the one who survives is not the strongest or the most intelligent but the one that best adapts to the changing environment.

At FCW we offer solutions to some of the great challenges that companies face today:

Demand generation

Recruitment and retention of talent

Difficulty in capturing the attention of associates, investors, employees or clients...

We offer our clients communication solutions based on narrative techniques using the audiovisual fiction formats most favourable by the human being, that is, short films, films and series.

One goal: to be remembered.

FCW creates tailored made formats to meet the needs of its customers and as experts in Social Sciences, stakeholder management, fiction format creations and audiovisual production we provide a complete service from understanding the business needs to the delivery of the final product.

FCW is a company specialized in helping companies with the management of Stakeholders providing solutions through narrative techniques.

We are specialized in “translating” to fictional formats the messages that our clients wish to communicate.