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The Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda


17 goals to change the world.

We will only achieve the goals of humanity if each of us understands and exercises our role.

Today, in 2019, we are living in uncertain times, times of change. The advances made in transportation, communications and technology have given way to a global, connected world in which cultures and ethnicity are losing their borders and human beings are closer than ever.

The common threats to all men and women on planet Earth, such as Climate Change, overpopulation or poverty have forced humanity to generate unprecedented international agreements. Those agreements, have defined common objectives for all the countries of the world, for all humans. For the first time in history the human being has joined forces as a species and due to this we have reached an agreement called 2030 Agenda which is specified in 17 objectives that we have named SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS (SDG).

Very few have knowledge of this agreement and the fundamental goals for the survival of the human species. Given the vital importance of this information, it is unacceptable that this situation and the public’s ignorance continues day after day.

The big problem faced by the United Nations and the governments of the signatory countries of the SDGs is that this message is not reaching society.

The Dante Movement was born with the vocation to solve this problem by making these goals known to the majority of the world’s population through fiction, through entertainment, with scientific rigor and taking action.

No one left behind.