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The Dante Movement is a new Audiovisual Movement, created by experts in the Audiovisual and Sustainable Development sectors. Its purpose is to create pieces of fiction that translate the great goals of humanity to society as a whole, to generate positive changes in the behaviour for the viewers allowing for more sustainable conducts towards a better world. A world in which economy, society and the environment find balance.

Planet, people, profit.

The Dante Movement is inspired by the work of Dante Alighieri, who wrote the “Divine Comedy” in Italian, a language that was considered “vulgar” because until then all the important information was transmitted in Latin and it was privy to scholars. Dante claimed that important information had to be brought to the attention of the general public. Following the example of Dante Alighieri, the Dante Movement, uses the preferred and most used channel by the human being at present, audiovisual fiction: “the vernacular language of the XXI Century”, to convey to the public humanity’s greatest challenges.

In 2015, for the first time in the history of mankind, a concrete agreement was reached with 17 objectives to achieve a prosperous future for all the inhabitants on our planet. These 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) constitute the 2030 Agenda, a pact signed by 193 countries of the United Nations.

It is necessary to give a role to all the inhabitants on our planet to reach the defined goals of the international community, but the diffusion strategy of these goals is complex, written in a technical language, with thousands of acronyms… They seem to be written in Latin.

Audiovisual fiction, the vernacular
language of the XXI century.

The Dante Movement “translates” those complex texts on sustainable development – information only within reach to a few- and inserts it into different fictional formats for mass consumption.

To be able to convey these messages to society, an innovation is necessary: The Dante Movement’s decalogue.

Important ideas
are for everybody.


DANTE’s seal and decalogue

The Movement’s decalogue constitutes a new work methodology to create fiction content. This methodology aims to bring together scientific rigor and veracity with audiovisual entertainment. It has been created and registered as a brand by Fiction Changing the World in order to become and audiovisual movement that filmmakers and artist from all around the world can join to create Dante fiction pieces, thus bringing the 2030 Agenda to the attention of the general public.

The Dante seal allows the audiences to chose consciously to watch an entertaining informative fiction product, in which the contents are not subliminal or part of an unconscious disemination strategy.

The Dante Movement has a seal that endorses the audiovisual pieces that bear its name. For an audiovisual piece to be considered DANTE, it must meet a series of requirements, guaranteeing that both the chosen theme and the way the story is being portrayed meet the criteria of the movement.

Tell it right:
the Dante’s decalogue.

The audiovisual movement Dante includes audiovisual pieces in all formats and media that meet the following characteristics:

1 Works with commercial vocation and economic sustainability. Works with a vocation to reach as many viewers as possible based on the criteria of entertainment and outreach.

2 Target an audience that covers all humanity. They are pieces for the general public, although you can select a specific target population for each piece if the theme demands it or if it is a better way to convey the message.

3 Scripts will be written with the criteria of social awareness. This criteria must be directly related to the great challenges of humanity defined by the global goals of the United Nations and international treaty signatures. (Currently, Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda, SDG)

4 The final message of the audiovisual pieces will be constructive and inspiring.

5 The Dante pieces will deal with human issues. The suitability of the documentary sources and the sensitization objectives will be evaluated to guarantee a rigorous approach that includes all the stakeholders.

6 The genre of audiovisual pieces will be the one that best suits the needs of the objective that is being covered, always taking into account the entertainment and informative nature of the work.

7 The audiovisual pieces belonging to the movement, will develop a process of analysis of the public reached, in which the sensitizing impact of the work in question will be measured.

8 The creators of the Dante Movement will coordinate the Scientific Committee that will provide the indicators and a framework monitoring plan that all projects that join the movement must implement.

9 Dante’s productions will maximize their positive environmental, economic and social impact and minimize their negative impact in those areas.

10 From the benefits of the audiovisual work a minimum of 0.7% will be allocated to projects related to the sector in which the audiovisual piece seeks to have a positive impact.