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Paloma Andrés Urrutia

Sustainable Development Director

Paloma has more than 15 years of experience in the field of International Development and Sustainability, as an entrepreneur and as a social and strategic consultant for projects of private companies, NGOs, public institutions and Multilateral Development Agencies (World Bank, IDB…)

Paloma is and expert in Multistakeholder Partnerships and a Partnership Broker associated to the Partnership Broker Asociation.

She has developed innovation projects in various areas of human development. With an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for people and social sciences, she is the founder of projects as diverse as a hotel in Nicaragua (Hotel Popoyo), an NGO (FUNCIONA Foundation), a center for the attention of people with special needs in extreme poverty (Corazón Contento Nicaragua ) and, now, an audiovisual production company. She is an advisor in sustainability and partnerships for various companies and institutions and holds the title of president for the Foundation FUNCIONA.

psychology and innovation.